Unlock the story of your vehicles.

VINdna is the genetic code of your dealership's inventory, designed to showcase all there is to know about your vehicles. This innovative tool unravels the DNA of each car, presenting its unique features and qualities in an interactive and engaging way, enhancing the customer's car buying journey.

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Comprehensive Vehicle Insights

Provides an in-depth view of each vehicle, enhancing buyer knowledge and interest with interactive details.

Seamless Website Integration

Effortlessly integrates with your website, keeping visitors engaged and informed about your vehicle inventory.

Customizable Content

Offers flexible customization to match your dealership’s branding and highlight specific vehicle features.


Showcase Every Vehicle.

Arm your dealership with detailed vehicle insights that captivate customers and boost your sales performance.

Easy Integration and Customization.

VINdna seamlessly integrates into your existing website and can be customized to match your dealership’s branding. This flexibility ensures a consistent user experience and maintains your brand’s identity.

Smooth integration with your dealership's websites.

Customizable to reflect dealership branding.

Consistent and familiar user experience for customers.

Provide Comprehensive Vehicle Information.

VINdna allows you to deliver a wealth of information about each vehicle, from specifications to unique selling points. This depth of detail helps customers make informed decisions and builds trust in your dealership.

Detailed specifications and features.

Informed and confident customer decisions.

Enhanced credibility and trust in your dealership.

Enhanced Vehicle Presentation.

Elevate the way vehicles are showcased on your website with VINdna. This tool provides detailed, interactive vehicle profiles that capture customer interest, making your online inventory more engaging and informative.

Interactive vehicle profiles.

Detailed and engaging online presentation.

Higher customer engagement with vehicle listings.

Foster Deeper Customer Engagement

VINdna significantly enhances customer interaction with your online inventory. By presenting vehicles in a detailed and interactive manner, it not only captures attention but also encourages customers to delve deeper, exploring features and specifications, which fosters a stronger connection with your inventory.

Interactive elements boost customer involvement.

Encourages thorough exploration of vehicle details.

Strengthens connection between customers and vehicles.

Upgrade Your VDP.

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