Interactive Window Stickers

Quotible's Interactive Window Stickers transform vehicle information display, offering a modern and efficient way to present vehicle details. This tool simplifies the process of showcasing vehicle specifications and pricing, providing clear, concise, and up-to-date information in a user-friendly digital format. It enhances the customer's understanding and dealership's transparency, making every interaction informed and straightforward.

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Digital Information Display

Transforms vehicle information presentation into a clear, digital format for easy customer access and understanding.

Sales Team Empowerment

Arms your sales team with detailed, instantly accessible vehicle information for enhanced customer interactions.

Streamlined Information Management

Simplify the process of managing and displaying vehicle information, enhancing efficiency and accuracy on your dealership lot.


Precise OEM data at your fingertips.

Who knew that window stickers could be this cool?

Empower Your Customers with Knowledge

Provide customers with in-depth knowledge of vehicle options and features based on its unique VIN number. This empowers them to make informed choices, enhancing their trust and satisfaction.

Detailed insights from VIN-specific data.

Informed and confident customer choices.

Increased trust and satisfaction in the buying process.

Elevate Your Sales Team's Expertise

Boost your sales team’s knowledge and confidence by providing them with detailed information on vehicle benefits and options. Well-informed experts can significantly improve sales efficiency and customer service.

Access to detailed vehicle information.

Enhanced sales team confidence and expertise.

Improved customer service and sales efficiency.

Streamline Vehicle Appraisals

Simplify the appraisal process with precise, VIN-specific data. This allows your management team to quickly and accurately assess vehicle value, streamlining operations and decision-making.

Accurate and quick vehicle appraisals.

Efficient management and operational processes.

Informed decision-making with VIN-specific data.

Convert Leads Faster

Accelerate lead conversion with mobile-responsive Window Stickers integrated directly into your CRM. This feature ensures leads have immediate access to relevant information, facilitating quicker decision-making.

Instant access to vehicle information for leads.

Seamless CRM integration for efficient lead management.

Mobile-responsive design for on-the-go accessibility.

Experience the Future of Vehicle Information.

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