Why Car Dealers Need to Hand Control to Their Customers

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The more you can control a situation, the better the outcome... right? Not necessarily. When it comes to automotive sales, the opposite might be the case. Dealerships have long been resistant to change, but we're here to shed some light: When it comes to communication,  put the controls back in the hands of the customers.

Yes, let them take charge in the car-shopping process.

Here's why.

Lead Response: Put Customers in the Driver's Seat

1. It Gives You Room to Focus on Engagement

If you're so busy trying to micromanage the entire process, you have no time (or energy) left for actually interacting with your customers.

Then what?

Your customers still want a human experience. They'll still need to communicate with another person — and that's where you come in. While they're browsing and spending time on your beautifully-designed quotes (more on that in a moment), you can get to know them better, ask about their needs, etc.

Quotible makes it easy to personalize both the dealer's and the buyer's experience. It takes mere seconds to create customized quotes. And we'll let you know in real-time when your customers are engaging with your quote, so that you can reach out via text or email and connect with them.

Communication matters. Engagement is everything. Free up some of your bandwidth to have meaningful conversations.

2. You'll Let Customers Communicate on Their Terms

We mentioned a moment ago that Quotible allows you to communicate via text and email. Giving your customers both options further helps to put some of the control in their hands. It gives them choices, as opposed to making them be at the mercy of yours.

Plus, because you'll know exactly when they're engaging with your quote, you'll be reaching out to them at a time when you're know they're available and it's convenient for them. Let them set the schedule, and you'll find your engagement rate going up significantly.

3. It Gives Them a More Seamless Shopping Experience.

If a customer is interested in a car, they're going to want more information — like payment options. And if you can give them the power to determine this information all on their own, all the better.

When you use an automotive lead response platform like Quotible, you make it easy for the customer to determine payment options and other important details independently. You put more power in their hands. Plus, this means that the customer receives the information quicker, without all the typical back and forth.

This scares some dealerships, understandably. You want the customer to contact you with questions. And they will! The point is to give them more freedom, instead of leaving them feeling like they're 100% reliant on you.

By the time you engage with the customer directly, you'll already know that they are a very warm lead.

4. The Experience Will Be More Customized

This is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. One customer won't be exactly the same as the person before them.

When you give them more control, this automatically means that their experience is going to be a whole lot more personal.

For example, Customer A is going to need different choices when it comes to payment information and rebate options, compared to Customer B. Instead of forcing them both into the same experience, give them the option to tailor it to themselves individually.

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5. You Can Digitize the Car-Shopping Experience

Imagine how much easier your customers' lives would be if they could connect with their automotive dealer from the comfort of their own home. It would not only make things more convenient, but it would also eliminate a tremendous amount of confusion and lack of clarity, making the entire process smoother and more efficient.

Information that once required them to get in their car and drive somewhere is now available at their fingertips.

6. Customers Won't Be Forced to Take Any Steps

When you have an easy, open interface, there are no mandatory steps that your customers are required to take. Instead, they can simply "browse." It all goes back to letting them do things on their terms, when it's a good time for them.

7. The Dealership Will Gain Invaluable Insight

Imagine having an automotive lead response tool that helps you understand how your customers are engaging with you. Imagine being able to learn whether they prefer text or email communication, what kinds of payment options they need, and a whole variety of information that will help you be better at doing your job. Quotible helps you understand your customers' needs by providing incredible insight and analytics.

You can use this information to improve and shape future relationships and learn more about what your target market really wants and needs.

Don't just use any lead response tool — go for one that was designed for the automotive industry specifically. Ready to learn more? Request a free demo of Quotible today.

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