Quotible Co-Founder Wesley Gregg on Remote Business During the Pandemic

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Wesley Gregg, the GM of Gaudin Ford and Co-Founder of the industry’s premier automotive lead response and communication platform Quotible, sat down with CBT News to share Gaudin Ford’s story of perseverance during the pandemic. He shared what they have done to improve sales and interact with shoppers during difficult times.

In the interview, Wesley went into detail about the strategies Gaudin Ford implemented such as a mobile F&I Office Van, dubbed the “Gaudin Go”, and how the pandemic has only emphasized Gaudin’s digital-first approach.

A Hybrid Approach to Car Sales

Wes had this to say about the hybrid approach of online tools and the in-store experience:

"I don't think an in-store experience and digital retailing are separate, they don't need to be. Obviously we are very mindful of gross profit, both in the front end and the backend of a car deal. When you run on kind of this hybrid version of it, which really everybody is running in one form or fashion, we just kind of really brought it into focus with the van. Because, even if you buy a vehicle in a true digital retailing experience, think Carvana as an example, there's still a delivery that happens and not all deliveries are handed off perfectly upon arrival. There might be some documents that need to change or a signature that needs to change and so this is really that sweet spot between digital retailing as well as a real great experience face to face, hand to hand. From there, once you are in that environment, you can control that profitability side a little more, specifically on the back end of the finance element of the car deal."

This is great insight into how the industry is changing and growing with technology.

You can watch the full interview on CBT

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