Quotible & SpinCar for the Next Generation of Lead Response

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Since its inception, Quotible has been on a mission to reinvent lead response emails and make it easier and more fruitful for automotive dealerships to communicate with potential customers. Never a team to settle, we’ve taken things to the next level with SpinCar to create a truly immersive, interactive digital merchandising experience within every quote.

It’s a collaboration that’s going to change the automotive industry completely.

By harnessing the power of SpinCar aligned with Quotible, potential customers can now participate in a digital 360-degree walk-around of a vehicle. In addition, they can go on a complete internal and external feature tour, through both text and email.

quotible and spincar team up to bring an industry best lead response

By giving the customer more options and control, you don’t just improve the shopping experience. You also increase trust and authority between customer and dealership.

Quotible’s goal is to provide a better experience for people looking for their next vehicle. With our partnership with SpinCar, we’re able to make the online experience more tangible than ever before. It’s a necessity, in today’s digital world.

"As a long-time SpinCar customer, I was excited to see the integration between SpinCar and Quotible as it will provide for a more dynamic way to show photos and 'spins' of cars to our customers along with an engaging customer quotation tool," says Bill Feinstein, President of New Jersey Planet Honda. "We now can provide our customers with a fully dynamic quoting environment that will only increase 'stickiness' and conversion rates."

With SpinCar’s expertise, we’re taking stale, static photo-based lead response emails and breathing life into them. It’s a win for all involved. The customer has a far better online experience, which improves communication between them and their dealer. Dealerships are enjoying higher open and conversion rates.

We’re beyond excited for this next iteration of Quotible, and we’re very grateful to be doing it with SpinCar.

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