Matt Lamoureux Joins Quotible as Vice President of Business Development

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With nearly 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, we are pleased to welcome Matt Lamoureux to the Quotible team.

Quotible, the premier lead response and communication technology for the automotive industry, announced that it has welcomed Matt Lamoureux to its team as Vice President of Business Development.

Matt brings with him nearly 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. His professional history includes serving as the Director of Marketing and eCommerce for Acton Toyota in Massachusetts. While serving in this role, he led his team to increase sales significantly while generating more than $38 million in annual sales revenue. Later, he was recruited by DealerRater to become employee number one and to serve as Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Planning. In this capacity, he successfully onboarded thousands of new dealers and launched several lucrative strategic partnerships. Additionally, Matt is the owner and co-founder of Blue Hole Mineral Spring, one of the most popular resort hotels and tourist spots in Jamaica.

Matt Lamoureux, VP of Business Development

"Recent studies have concluded that trust in a dealership is as important as price when determining where to buy a vehicle. And first impressions are crucial,” Mr. Lamoureux says. “They can make or break an opportunity. Quotible's lead response software gives dealers a competitive edge by delivering a great first impression and exceptional customer experience to every prospective customer. Quotible helps dealers build trust from the first point of contact and that's why dealerships that use Quotible experience significant increases to their lead closing rates. I could not be more excited to help dealers close more of their existing prospects."

Matt is respected and recognized in the automotive industry, having been invited to speak at a number of automotive conferences including the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and JD Power Automotive Roundtable.

Quotible offers the perfect blend of technology and personality, helping dealers greatly improve the shopping process from the moment an inquiry is made. Customers receive an immediate response containing transparent interactive payment options combined with rapport-building information about the salesperson. Quotible dealers deliver a great first impression, differentiate from the competition, and secure more appointments and sales. To schedule a demo, submit a form here.

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