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Now more than ever, transparency from brands is of great importance to customers, especially when they’re about to make a big investment, like buying a car. They do extensive research, go through multiple dealers’ websites, and find and compare the information they need, all before actually calling or visiting the dealership.

At the same time, authenticity is also crucial. Consumers want to work with a human — not a machine, not a robot.

That’s why as a dealer, your goal is to make an impactful first impression that will encourage customers to choose you over your competitors. And one way to do this is to provide an excellent customer experience through clear messaging and accessible communications streams.

What do we mean and how exactly can you do this? Let’s deep dive into how digital retailing tools like Quotible can work as an effective communication tool for your dealership.

How Digital Retailing Tools Improve Communication

1. Digital Retailing Tools Allow for Instant, Effortless Communication for Customers

Time is gold for consumers (and you — more on that in a minute). That’s why Quotible makes it so easy for you to deliver highly informative and dynamic quotes in just a matter of seconds.

Car shoppers can conveniently look up costs, calculate their cash finance and lease payments, estimate their trade values, book test drives, learn more details about the vehicles they’re interested in, view 360-degree walkaround videos, and learn about their salesperson and dealership – all from the first correspondence.  

Also, since Quotible allows customers to communicate through email and text, it makes the car purchasing experience more personal for them. They get to communicate on their own terms. Offering them that type of freedom, control, and customization is priceless.

Nowadays, it’s essential that customers have easy access to the information they need right when they need it. By completing a few steps online or over the phone before their visit to the dealership, they’re able to save some time and experience pressure-free interactions.

2. These Tools Make Communication Easier, Faster, and More Convenient for Salespeople

 We understand that it’s important to satisfy the specific needs and wants of each customer.

That’s why with Quotible, sales reps receive real-time email and SMS alerts when a shopper is interacting with their quote. This enables the sales team to connect with their customers and quickly respond to buying signs, leading them to book more appointments and increase opportunities for conversions.

Also, using personalized and interactive quotes, dealers can easily connect with their customers  and provide them with all the information they’re looking for.

As a result, dealerships with Quotible see 88-92% of their quotes being visited and engaged with and about four minutes spent on each quote — unheard of, in the automotive industry.

Not only that, but they’re able to make a great first impression, create personal connections, establish rapport and trust, and stand out amongst the competition. 

3. Digital Retailing Tools Make It Easier to Collect Information About Customers

When using digital retailing tools, the purchasing process becomes digitized, allowing car dealers to learn a tremendous amount of information about their target market.

Apart from their personal information and car preferences, sales reps are able to identify different consumer trends, including shopping habits, needs, and goals. With Quotible, dealers can also gain valuable insights on sales performance, month-over-month activity and performance, and consumer/quote engagement.

These types of insights and analytics are essential for sales teams to determine what works and what doesn’t, so they can make the necessary adjustments – thus increasing their opportunities and conversions.

4. These Tools Deliver a Transparent Messaging and Personalized Sales Experience

Customers can easily determine a canned response from a personalized one. And while the use of technology streamlines the sales process, it does not and should not take away the genuineness brought by talking to a real person.

With Quotible, we help dealers establish healthy relationships with their customers by providing engaging information about their dedicated salesperson and the dealership. We include the sales reps’ individual headshots, bios, and videos within each quote. We display dealership details, photos, and awards. Plus, we add branded quote templates and dealer logos, and link these to their social channels.

Essentially, adding these small personal touches to the customers’ experiences makes buying a car a lot more than just buying a car. It makes it a memorable experience. It also balances out the technology by incorporating a natural, human touch.

What Does it Really Come Down to?

Here’s why all of this matters and what it means.

When consumers interact with your run-of-the-mill digital retailing tool, the experience is often transparent but cold. The human touch is completely missing.

When they interact with a salesperson via email, phone, or in person, the experience isn’t transparent but is noticeably warmer. They get that human-to-human connection.

Our mission, then, is to bring the warm of relationships together with the efficiency and transparency of what a digital retailing tool can offer. This is the winning combination.

And how can you accomplish this? Quotible.

At the end of the day, selling a vehicle is still a people business. Some might fear that using a digital retailing tool like Quotible will remove the dealer completely. But in reality, human connection is still very much present. 

It simply puts more power in the hands of the shoppers by allowing them to quickly get the information they need. It also empowers the salespeople to answer customer questions easily and provide details in a timely manner.

Ultimately, this technology enables dealers to improve customer experience, build rapport and trust, and tremendously boost sales.

Want to learn more about Quotible and how it’s revolutionizing the automotive industry? Contact us or request a demo today.

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