How to Answer "What's the Best Price?" in Car Sales Online

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When talking to a potential customer, there's usually one question they have early on in the conversation: "How much?" In the customers' eyes, so much of their decision comes down to the price tag. Thus, answering this question is tricky territory for the salesperson. If you're wondering how to answer, "What's the best price?" in car sales online, here's some helpful advice.

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When it comes to car buying, customers are often fixated on the price tag. It's understandable, given that a car is a significant investment, and most people have a budget to stick to. As a salesperson, it's essential to address their concerns and provide them with accurate information without being pushy or evasive.

One way to approach the question of price is to acknowledge it and offer more information. Customers may not have a clear understanding of how the price is determined, the available payment options, or any special deals or incentives that the dealership can offer. By providing this information upfront, you can help them make an informed decision and feel more confident in their purchase.

Another way to help car buyers is by discussing the loan term, monthly payments, and interest rate options. Suppose they are financing the purchase through an auto loan. In that case, you can work with them to find a loan term that fits their budget, discuss the interest rates available to them based on their credit score, and help them calculate their monthly payments. This approach helps to give them a better understanding of the overall cost of the car over time, and they may appreciate your transparency and willingness to help.

Price quotes can also be an effective way to help car buyers understand what they can expect to pay. Providing a quote that breaks down the price, taxes, fees, and any other relevant information can help customers understand the cost and feel more in control of the buying process.

Ultimately, customers want to feel like they are getting a good deal, and it's up to you as a salesperson to help them achieve that. By being honest, transparent, and willing to help, you can build trust with your customers and create a positive buying experience. Whether it's discussing price, loan terms, or monthly payments, taking the time to help your customers make an informed decision can pay off in the long run for both you and your dealership.

Acknowledge the Question and Offer More Information

"I'm happy to tell you more about the price, but first..."You've probably heard that from a fellow salesperson at least once in your life. Nobody likes being ignored, and they're going to know if you're stalling, so if your customer asks about money, talk to them about money. Do you want to give them the price up front? Probably not. What you can do, however, is explain how the price is determined, payment options, and other details that contribute to the overall cost to the customer. (That would include any special deals or incentives you can offer them.)You might also want to be clear about their options. Regardless of whether they have a huge budget or a more modest one, give them variety when it comes to their options, so they have more than one choice to select from.Give them more information about the cost before you tell them the bottom line.

By offering more information about the price and the factors that contribute to it, you can demonstrate your expertise and build trust with the customer. Additionally, clarifying their options and offering a range of choices shows that you are not solely focused on making a sale, but are genuinely interested in finding the best fit for their needs and budget. Providing more information upfront can also help to avoid any misunderstandings or surprises later in the sales process, which can ultimately save time and prevent frustration for both parties involved.

Educate Them on What They're Getting

If a customer hears the price without knowing the value they're getting, they're likely to run for the hills. If you're going to reveal the financial commitment, make sure you're crystal clear on what they get in exchange for their money, first. Maybe the car is family-friendly or fuel-efficient. Maybe the tires, which are more expensive, last significantly longer, saving the customer money in the long run. These are all worthy of their investment, so be sure to point these details out to them. Provide value before you provide the price.

Give the Customer Some Control

Remind your customer that they still have control in the situation. When you use Quotible, for instance, customers can see more of the pricing information, calculate their current car's trade-in value, and even explore different payment options so that they can calculate their monthly payment for a vehicle.No customer wants to feel like they're at the mercy of their dealership. When you include them in the process and also let them explore their options on their own time, they'll feel more comfortable doing business with you. Maintaining a balance between professional and personal relationships with customers can equip you with the necessary tools to establish a thriving business. The availability of tools such as Quotible can aid in building these relationships and converting leads into loyal customers. If you're interested in discovering how Quotible can contribute to your dealership's growth, request a free demo of our lead response tool today and start landing more clients and expanding your dealership’s business. 

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