David Kain Interviews Quotible Co-Founder, Nick Kaptain

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Incredibly well respected automotive industry veteran, David Kain, sat down with Quotible's co-founder Nick Kaptain in an exclusive interview to discuss Quotible, an industry-leading and dealer founded quoting and communication platform.

We were honored to have this opportunity to share the benefits of Quotible with David and discuss key strategies for winning more customers, standing out from the competition, and delivering a strong first impression.

Some highlights from the interview:

[Nick] 1:19 “…lead response has not evolved in the last 15-20 years.”

[Nick] 3:08 “How do we make salespeople more efficient?”

[Nick] 3:28 “How do you differentiate yourself from your competition?”

[Nick] 3:51 “We have a phrase ‘We love salespeople’ also ‘How do you make a great first impression?’”

[David] 4:10 “That’s important… oftentimes consumers appreciate a professional approach as opposed to just going to get the information and not having somebody that pays attention or cares about them…”

Watch the full video here:

About David Kain

David grew up in the automotive industry and has been the General Manager and is still a partner of Jack Kain Ford. He co-founded FordDirect.com, the leading website and lead provider to Ford and Lincoln dealers before founding Kain Automotive. He is an active speaker at almost all industry events including NADA, Innovative Dealer Summit, DrivingSales Executive Summit, Digital Dealer not to mention the many International events he has been involved with. He’s also a prolific writer for many industry trade magazines as well as hosting a popular show, Kain & Co., on CBT News.

If you want to learn why David liked Quotible so much, we’d be happy to show you!

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