Car Sales Negotiation: How to Respond to Customers

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If you sell cars for a living, you probably hate this scenario: You're ready to start your sales pitch and then all of a sudden, your customer interrupts and asks the dreaded "how much" question. Car sales negotiation doesn't always follow the format that books and some trainers teach. Not all shoppers are willing to wait patiently until the end of the sales process to discuss the price. When this happens, how do you respond?

While some would recommend you stall, get back to the format and carry on with your sales pitch, that wouldn’t be a good move in getting your customer to trust you. Why? Because nobody likes being ignored, and avoiding the question would only make you sound suspicious.

So, how do you go about it? Here are some tips to help you with your car sales negotiation.

6 Tips for Better Car Sales Negotiation

1. Change Your Mindset

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Many car salespeople hear the "how much" question early in the sales process in a negative light. Some think that if a client asks that question before the product’s features and benefits are explained, they’re probably going to object to it, and it’ll be a roadblock to closing the sale.

The first thing you have to do is to change your mindset. Consider the client asking for the price as a buying signal instead of a hindrance to your sales success. Think of it this way: the client isn’t going to ask for a particular car’s price if they aren’t interested in it.

If they ask about it at the start of your car sales negotiation, don’t panic! Treat it as a buying signal.

2. Be Confident in Answering

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Next, you have to draw your confidence out. Instead of stalling and telling them you’ll let them know how much it costs after you’ve discussed it thoroughly, just naturally answer their question.

The way you state the price matters. You yourself have to look and sound convinced that the price of that car is justified. Otherwise, your client will have doubts and think that it’s overpriced.

After you answer their question, explain how the price came to be. Show them why it’s priced that way and explain the value they're getting in exchange for the money they pay.

Speaking of value...

3. Focus on the Benefits and Value the Car Offers

Does the car have a remote control parking feature that allows them to conveniently park it anywhere – even into a tight corner if needed? Is it installed with a lane-keeping assist system that prompts them whenever the car starts to deflect from their lane? Does the car have extensive safety features to keep them and their loved ones safe?

Let your customer know its benefits and added value so they understand why the car is priced that way. Doing this will help them see the price as reasonable instead of expensive.

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4. Be Sure to Highlight What Else the Customer Gets When They Work With You

What else would your client get if they decide to buy the car? Do they get free service or repairs? Will your dealership provide free window tinting? What else will they be getting out of their purchase?

Highlight your freebies, promos, and other special offers to encourage them to see what they’re getting for the amount you charge.

5. Personalize the Experience

After you’ve explained the benefits and value of the car you’re offering, personalize the experience to them. This requires you to listen to what they’re saying and ask relevant questions so you can determine your customer’s needs and requirements.

For instance, if the customer has little kids, then emphasize the car’s features that can help make that experience safer and more comfortable for them.


An example would be telling them how the car’s child safety features will suit them or highlighting the car’s spacious backseat, which can keep their kids comfortable while driving.

Another important aspect of personalization is the car negotiation process. Car dealerships should aim to make this process as transparent and comfortable as possible. This means avoiding high-pressure tactics and instead focusing on building a relationship with the customer. By taking the time to understand their budget, priorities, and preferences, you can work together to find the best possible deal.

In addition to the car negotiation process, car dealerships should also look to personalize the car sales process itself. This could include offering test drives of the customer's preferred vehicle, providing a detailed breakdown of the car's features and benefits, and answering any questions they may have. By taking a personalized approach, you can help the customer feel more comfortable and informed, which can lead to a more positive sales experience.

Lastly, car dealerships should provide car sales tips and advice to help customers make informed decisions. This could include information on financing options, trade-in values, and insurance considerations. By providing helpful advice, you can establish yourself as a trusted advisor and build a long-lasting relationship with the customer.

To garner a customer’s interest right away, use tools such as Quotible’s lead response system and send out personalized vehicle quotes to a potential lead’s email or phone number instantly. By showcasing that your dealership cares about the customer, your dealership is more likely to close the dealer faster than typical cold calls. 

By shifting your focus to creating a personalized experience for customers is essential for car dealerships looking to succeed in today's competitive market. By taking a genuine interest in the customer, personalizing the car negotiation and sales process, and providing helpful advice, car dealerships can build strong relationships with customers that lead to increased sales and loyalty.

6. Let Them Explore Their Options

Finally, make your customers feel that they’re in control. Tools like Quotible allow them to see the pricing information, view the possible payment options, and calculate their monthly payments. That way, they’ll feel that they have a say in the car sales negotiation process.

Quotible is dedicated to delivering fast, responsive customer service and satisfaction to those searching for cars online. Our personalized quotes and messages are designed to help your dealership convert leads into loyal customers. Experience the power of Quotible for yourself with a FREE demo today and discover how we can help your dealership achieve its goals.

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