Why Your Automotive Email Marketing Isn't Working

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Email marketing is incredibly effective if done correctly. In fact, it's arguably the most powerful way for businesses to reach potential customers. However, if you don't give your automotive email marketing the attention it needs, it'll fall flat with a low open rate and minimal customer interaction. This is why car dealerships fail to reach their projected target sales using email marketing — not because it doesn't work.

Poor email marketing shouldn't hinder you from booking more appointments and ultimately increasing revenue, but it's important to first understand what specifically renders it ineffective. Here are three common causes.

3 Reasons Why Your Automotive Email Marketing Isn't Working

1. You're Using Generic Emails Instead of Branded Ones

This is one of the most common offenses.

Sending out a stale, blank email to everyone on your list and hoping they respond is not the way to go. It's basically shooting in the dark with generic content and no specific target.

Aesthetically, your email should reflect your brand, voice, and messaging. When people receive it, they should know that it's coming from your dealership and no one else.

Think about it. You don't have a generic website or social media channels. Shouldn't your automotive email marketing get the same attention and care?

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2. The Emails Aren't Personalized

You can safely assume that the people you're emailing have received plenty of other emails that day, maybe even from car dealerships. While estimates vary, some research suggests we receive, on average, 88 emails a day.

There's another problem, too. Branding aside, many dealerships are using the same template — with sometimes identical email copy — making it hard for you to stand out. It makes the email impersonal, and that's not a positive reflection of your dealership, nor will it work. The recipient will feel like they just happen to be on your list of contacts — one of many people who received the same exact email. If the email doesn't offer an experience personalized to them, it won't grab their attention.

Address the person as an individual, not one of many recipients, and certainly not "Dear Valued Customer." Talk to them like a friend you're trying to help. And that brings us to our final point.

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3. It Doesn't Cater to the Unique Needs of the Customer

When your automotive email marketing doesn't aim to meet the needs of the recipient, it's like bombarding someone with all you have to say without listening to them in return. You don't want to offer something they're not interested in, right?

For instance, why send someone information about SUVs when they might be interested in a compact car? You could have avoided this simply by first asking what their needs are.

Your goal for your automotive email marketing should be to learn what that specific person wants and needs. Do they drive a ton and need a car with good mileage? Will they have children in the vehicle on a regular basis? Do they want something eco-friendly?

Learn what they want so you can provide a better experience. This requires a real, genuine, organic conversation where you gather all of the information that you need.

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