7 Tips to Sell More Cars

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Selling cars is no easy task. When prospective customers walk into a dealership, there’s a chance they already have a negative perception of car salespeople. Before you can sell them anything, you have to change their mind about what they think of you. In this sense, selling cars is about so much more than selling. It’s about personality, knowledge, expertise, your ability to connect with and relate to people, and so much more. The art of selling is a tricky one to master, and what works for one person might not work for the next, because you have to find what makes sense for you. However, these seven tips might very well help you get ahead in the game.

1. Tailor Your Approach to Each Individual Person

Every person you meet has a different background, budget, needs, wants, and knowledge level of cars. While one person may want a fancy sports car, another might want something more practical that gets great mileage.There is no one-size-fits-all approach, no single formula. Figure out what each person needs, and deliver it.

2. Dress the Part

First impressions are important. Plus, research has repeatedly found that the way we dress affects our self-esteem and how others perceive us. In other words, you should dress the part.When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, your actions change for the better. It’s not superficial. It’s taking care of yourself to not only improve your own well being, but also give a better impression to people who might be buying a car from you.

3. Ask Them About Their Budget

Once the conversation gets around to money, ask the customer what they’re looking to pay every month, even just a ballpark figure. This is a necessary part of getting to know your customer and learning how you can better suit their needs. It’s a waste of your time and theirs if you can’t show them the cars they’re willing to pay for.

4. Listen as Much as You Talk

There’s a reason you have two ears and one mouth, and it’s because you should be listening more than you talk. This isn't about you. This isn’t about your being able to sell a car. It’s about the customer getting what they want and need.Sometimes, a salesperson will be so hyper-focused on selling they forget there’s another person involved in the situation. Don’t ignore your customer.

5. Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected

One of the reasons people are hesitant to go to car dealerships is because they don’t want to deal with “desperate” salespeople. Trying to rush, push, or pressure a customer while going through the car-shopping process will likely backfire.You already know they want a car — that’s why they’re there. Now, you need to guide them in making the right decision. Let them take their time, answer their questions, and provide support as needed.

6. Know Your Product Like the Back of Your Hand

As you know by now, selling is just one part of the process. You could be awesome at sales, but the instant you can’t answer a question about the product, you’re going to look ill-prepared. Knowing your cars inside and out is vital to being able to satisfy a customer’s needs.

7. Follow Up With Your Automotive Leads

Whether online or in person, effective follow up is absolutely vital to an effective car sales strategy. Respond to every lead quickly with a personalized message & details about the specific vehicle your potential customer is interested in. After all, what's the point of automotive lead generation if you don't nurture them?Want an easier way to send customized quotes to your customers? Request a Quotible demo today!

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