5 Cold Calling Tips for Improved Customer Service

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If only every person you cold-called would happily buy your product, then everything would be so easy. Sadly, such is not the case — so let's discuss a few cold calling tips to help you drive more leads and, thus, more sales.

You have a list of potential buyers, so you call them one by one only to learn they were annoyed with you before a single word even left your mouth. Cold calling can be frustrating, to say the least, especially if you have a sales target to reach because you're likely expected to make a certain number of sales before the month ends. No pressure.

Cold calling must work because you know there are people doing it with success. You start to wonder what the top seller does differently from you. Here are a few cold calling tips to help you improve your game.

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5 Cold Calling Tips for Better Conversions

1. Have a List of Questions Prepared Ahead of Time

Don't wing it! You need to know what points you want to cover before the call ever happens. Think of questions like:

  • What’s their budget?
  • What features do they need in a car?
  • How many miles do they drive in a week, roughly?
  • Will they be driving other people, children in particular?

Asking the right questions is important in getting your customer engaged and gathering the information you need. This will help you narrow down the choices you'll offer and give them a better, more personalized experience.

Additionally, by asking questions, the customer feels you're listening to them and considering their needs. It makes for a better experience for them and will also increase your odds of eventually closing the deal.

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2. Focus on Your Client, Not Yourself!

During the initial contact with your prospected buyer, make sure to focus on them. It sounds like a no-brainer, but it's so easy to shift the conversation to talking about yourself, your dealership, and why you're the best to work with.

This will come later. For now, it's all about the customer.

Avoid talking about yourself and your profession, the company you work for, and anything else not immediately about your customer. This is a big part of selling because you're zeroing in on their wants and needs.

3. Don’t Try to Sell Anything on the First Call

On the first call, use this opportunity to engage the prospect by having a real conversation with them. Don't try to sell just yet — it's a big turn-off to them.

You first have to listen to what they're saying. Once they start to talk about their situation and open up, you'll know you're on the right track. Listen to them and use the information you gather to build a relationship with your prospect.

4. Don’t Read Verbatim From a Script

As we discussed earlier, having a plan is crucial. However, if you read from a script word-for-word, it's going to sound too robotic and rehearsed. Your customer will know you're not being genuine with them.

Being a little bit spontaneous is important here because you need to respond organically to what the other person is saying — not what your script says. Your questions and answers should reflect that.

5. Timing is Important

We're selling in the digital age, and this means it's more important than ever to do things on your customers' time — not necessarily yours. They want an experience personalized and customized for them.  

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Fortunately, Quotible takes the guesswork out of this. It will tell you exactly when a shopper is engaging with your quote (in real-time!), indicating that it might be a great time to reach out to them.

Which of these cold calling tips have you learned the most from?

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